About Me

I'm sarcastic, generous, bright, and I hold a grudge. I can hold my own in any battle of wits and I worry constantly. I'm a pessimist, hate texting and love milkshakes. I'm educated, exhausted, and loyal.

I relax by spending quality time with my wife and three daughters. I am a big Arsenal FC fan and after nine years on a waiting list I have finally become an Arsenal member and attend matches as often as I can. I am a keen golfer, play 5 a side football and have recently taken up tennis.

I have a theory that 90% of all meals (excluding breakfast) would taste better in a sandwich. hmmm Sunday Roast Dinner Sandwich.

One day I'd like to have enough spare time on my hands to actually redesign my own website.

I really enjoy American TV drama's (My current favourites are Dexter and The Mentalist) and British comedies ranging from Monty Python to Outnumbered.

I create dynamic web applications using Coldfusion, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3 and SQL. I've recently started to play around with Flex builder, Adobe Premiere Pro and SEO.

You can find out more about my Coldfusion, and Web Development Services here or if you just want to get in touch, visit the contact page