Has your site been indexed by Google

Has your site been indexed by Google

You may know this already, but if not, go to Google and search by typing the words 'site:' and then your site's domain name, no spaces anywhere, just site: domain name. For instance, site:maisyweb.co.uk. press Enter or click the Search button and Google will show you a list of pages it has indexed on the specified site.

At the top of the page you will see how many of your sites pages have been indexed. If you site has 50 pages and the search results are only showing 5 pages then you clearly have a problem.

It could be that Google is having issues reaching these pages or it could just be that it doesn't think the site is worth indexing fully (thanks for that Google). Either way it's a great way of find out which pages are not being indexed and setting yourself goals of getting them indexed.

This site: syntax also works on bing (which powers yahoo) although be aware that the results you return may be completely different from the Google results.

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