Implementing rel=”author” to inhance your Google SERP's

Implementing rel=”author” to inhance your Google SERP's

Essentially there are three steps involved in implementing rel=”author”

  1. A link from your blog post or article to your author page using rel=”author”
  2. A link from your author page to your Google profile page using rel=”me”
  3. A link from your Google profile page to your author page

The first thing is place place a link from your blog page back to your Author page. Of course when I say Auther page this can be an "About Me" page. A lot of blogging systems will have an 'Author' in the byline. This would be the ideal place to put this link.

The second link will be from your Author page to your google plus account. You’re essentially claiming that Google profile as your own, which is why you use rel=”me” on this link.

The third link you can set up in your Google Plus account and this should be pointed straight at you Author page.

To do this, go tio your Google Plus account, Go to edit your detilas and you should see a 'Contributor to' link. Click this link and fill out the short form.


This will complete the circle.

Lastly, if you want ot check the results, you can use Google's rich snippet testing tool.

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