Understanding the SEO Title Tag

Understanding the SEO Title Tag

In my opinion the title tag is the most important component on a web page with regards to SEO (other than the main page content). 

The title tag should to describe the contents of the page and it's short so if the search engines find keywords in there, it's reasonable for them to assume they're important.

The title tag will appear in many different places.

  1. It appears in the browser's title bar  
  2. It appears in the tab for that page.
  3. It appears in the history list. 
  4. Your browsers back and forward button lists 
  5. If I press Ctrl+D to bookmark a page, the title will be used as the default bookmark title. 

The search engines read the text and they use the text to help figure out what your page is about. They also use it as the link in the search results page when they provide an entry linking to the page. It's a very important tool in getting users to click through to your site so place as many strong keywords in there as possible.

A lot of companies use the same title tag for all there pages. For SEO purposes they should be different for each of your site pages. They should contain keywords related to that page. These keywords should also be in the page content.

Here are a few tips in order to make your title tags stand out.

  1. Make sure the entire title can be viewed in a search engine results page. Try not to use more than 60 characters
  2. Place important keywords near to the front of the title tag
  3. Title-case your title tags
  4. Keep in mind that users don't tend to read title tags, They scan them. So pack them with strong keywords
  5. It is often useful when splitting up title tag content to use some form of separator or divider. e.g "|"

It's a powerful tool that needs to be utilized.

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